Bowling league results |

Bowling league results

Lady Bugs LeagueStandings as of Jan. 14TeamWLBowling Bags46.517.5Sparemades33.530.5Team C.I. 2539Lucky Strikers2341High Game (Scratch), Francie de Vos 169High Game (Handicap), Maggy Helm 221High Series (Scratch), Francie de Vos 495High Series (Handicap), Francie de Vos 642 Week #16: Friday Nite MixersAs of Jan. 15TeamWLBSA4123Rollin’ Crap(s)40.523.5Ted’s Team40 24M3T’s36.527.5Knox ‘Em Down3430Hole In One26.537.5Gutterz2436Great 8’s13.546.5 High Game Scratch – Jonothan Atzman, 287; Terry Pratt, 193High Game Handicap – Jonothan Atzman, 307; Theresa Powell, 240High Series Scratch -Jonothan Atzman, 700; Francie de Vos, 515High Series Handicap – Men: Jonothan Atzman, 760; Ladies: Francie de Vos, 653Las Vegas LeagueAs of Jan. 12Team StandingsTeam Wins LossesAce Plumbing3426The Rollers33.526.5Diamonds in the Ruff3228Up Your Alley3030Grand Balls of Fire28.531.5Boardwalkers2832The Bald & the Beautiful27.532.5Just Sizzlin’25.534.5High Scratch Game- Garey Sutherby, 214; Kathy Burke – 210High Handicap Game – Garey Sutherby, 252; Ann Palen, 258High Scratch Series – Garey Sutherby, 566; Kathy Burke, 522High Handicap Series – Garey Sutherby, 680; Ann Palen, 673Wednesday Night Men’s LeagueAs of Jan. 13TeamWL4 Aces3814Heckerts Cleaners3616Gear Jammers3022Drink, Pillage, & Plunder3022Five2923Tens Products2626Alpine Taxidermy1636High Scratch Game -Bobby Blea, 263High Handicap Game – Bobby Blea – 308High Scratch Series – Ryan Curran – 642High Handicap Series – Bobby Blea – 723Monday Night Louie’s Ladies LeagueTeamWLFallen Angels56.016.0Striking 451.021.0Just Us39.033.0Lane Hoppers38.034.0The D Team37.035.0Plumb Bobs35.037.0Stump & Dump32.040.0Ghost0.0High Game ScratchLinda Robben, 208High Game HandicapLinda Robben, 246High Series ScratchLynne Daniel, 560High Series HandicapSandy Baker, 683