Bowling leagues complete Week 12 |

Bowling leagues complete Week 12

Lady Bugs League (as of Dec. 3)TeamWLBowling Bags3711Sparemades2721Lucky Strikers1632Team C.I.1632High Game ScratchCindy Thompson, 204High Game HandicapCindy Thompson, 246High Series ScratchCindy Thompson, 502High Series HandicapCindy Thompson ,628 Friday Nite Mixers (as of Dec. 4)TeamWLTed’s Team3315M3T’s31.516.5Rollin’ Crap(s)30.517.5BSA3018Knox ‘Em Down2325Hole In One17.530.5Gutterz1529Great 8’s11.532.5High Game ScratchVirgil Fisher, 202; Francie de Vos, 183High Game HandicapVirgil Fisher, 242; Francie de Vos, 232High Series ScratchTed Pratt, 502; Francie de Vos, 488High Series HandicapDave Lorenz, 621; Francie de Vos, 635Las Vegas League (as of Dec. 1)TeamWLThe Rollers2614Ace Plumbing2218Up Your Alley2218Grand Balls of Fire20.5 / 19.5Diamonds in the Ruff1921Boardwalkers1723Just Sizzlin’16.523.5The Bald & The Beautiful1624High Game Scratch Peter Tomko ,223; Kathy Burke, 191High Game HandicapPeter Tomko, 278; Diane Temple, 240High Series ScratchPeter Tomko, 571;Kathy Burke, 537High Series Handicap Peter Tomko, 736; Micki May, 657Wednesday Night Men’s League (as of Dec. 2)TeamWL4 Aces27 9Heckerts Cleaners2511Five2511Drink, Pillage & Plunder20 16Gear Jammers1818Tens Products1620Alpine Taxidermy1224High Game Scratch GameArnie Johnson, 266High Game Handicap GameArnie Johnson, 286High Series Scratch SeriesArnie Johnson, 670High Series HandicapArnie Johnson, 730

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