Brad Taylor arraignment continued |

Brad Taylor arraignment continued

Sky-Hi News Staff

Brad Taylor, the former Grand Lake Chamber of Commerce executive director accused of theft, and his attorney Jeffrey Herren of Winter Park, phoned in to District Court at Hot Sulphur Springs on Monday for a continuation of the suspect’s arraignment.

14th Judicial District Judge Mary Hoak took the chance to question Taylor’s whereabouts, having learned that he may have left the state without court permission.

Taylor started to reply something about a “bail bondsman” when Hoak interrupted, saying she wasn’t sure his attorney would want him to be speaking at that moment, which Herren confirmed he did not.

“Ms. Shwayder Hughes, you may or may not wish to take action concerning the fact that perhaps Mr. Taylor has left the state without permission,” Judge Mary Hoak directed to Deputy District Attorney Heather Shwayder Hughes.

Taylor’s arraignment was continued to 8 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 3.

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