Bragging rights |

Bragging rights

Kenneth Carter
Middle Park High School senior
Grand County, Colorado

Twelve years of public education reach an end as the Class of ’09 eagerly awaits the first day of their real lives – June 6, 2009. As a part of that senior class, I have only two words for the remaining student body: Ha Ha! Oh yes, two weeks from graduation and I’m about to rub it in. No more public schooling for us! (Sorry, student body!)

Life after high school isn’t all fun and games, however. First, there’s the whole “living with no parents” thing. Scary, right?

Then comes the crazy “making money for the hours you put in” concept, not to mention all the nights of R-rated activities. Dangerous! Without a doubt, life after high school will be a true test on how soft our insides are.

But don’t be discouraged underclassmen; someday this senior mindset strikes everyone. You too will brag down on the younger students. It is a right you bear as a senior. So let us enjoy our reign now and remember, you’ll be here sooner than you think.