Brett Reeter: Young people need to learn about the dangers of communism |

Brett Reeter: Young people need to learn about the dangers of communism

To the Editor:

The “Occupy” movement is communist.

For anyone older than 40, we know that communism is evil. We know about the horrors of Stalin’s death squads and the mass extermination of millions of Russians during their revolution and reign up to 1989. Solzhenitsyn estimated the death count upwards of 60 million.

We know about the communist takeover in Vietnam and its genocide of 3 million. Communist Cambodia killed 2.5 million. Communist China killed 35 million. N. Korea Communists killed 3 million. Ethiopia, Yugoslavia, Angola, on and on.

It is hard to find communist revolutions that don’t include mass exterminations and interestingly, after they take control, the communist regimes seem to kill many millions more by starvation, accidentally I guess, or maybe their farming techniques are sad? Not.

Nearly all of these takeovers begin as soft socialist movements, promising goodies and jobs to the people. It is interesting also that those socialist politicians that get the people to vote for them and spearhead the movement are then obliged by their communist backers to put communists into positions of power within the government. Then, when a ‘CRISIS’ arises, the communists assassinate the socialist democrats that they put in power and they take over.

As for the “OCCUPY” movement, it blatantly claims to be communist. “OCCUPY” demands are communist. “OCCUPY” policies are communist. The Communist Party has endorsed “OCCUPY.” “OCCUPY is not even hiding the fact. Yet, it seems that the major news media outlets in the U.S. rarely use the term “COMMUNIST” if at all when writing about “OCCUPY.” Now, with the violence escalating in “OCCUPY” groups, the support for them is dwindling. We older Americans need to remember that the last two generations of younger Americans do not know much about the horrors and evils of communist and socialist movements.

Brett Reeter


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