Brew Master’s Dinner features course by course pairing of food, beer in Tabernash |

Brew Master’s Dinner features course by course pairing of food, beer in Tabernash

by Cyndi McCoy
Tabernash, Colorado

To cater to a growing interest among diners, many eateries are pairing meals with a specialty beverage. More and more, the complimentary combinations are listed right on the menu.

With that in mind, Heck’s Tavern at Devil’s Thumb Ranch is hosting a Brew Master’s Dinner. The evening is co-hosted by O’Dell’s Brewery of Fort Collins.

Heck’s Executive Sous Chef Joel Chiodo is preparing a four-course dinner specially created to go with four specialty beers from the brewery. Entrees for the evening are items normally not found on the Heck’s menu. Chiodo said he looks forward to working with the brewery’s more flavorful beers and introducing guests to the newest restaurant at the resort.

“To whet the appetite and palate,” the first course includes a “surprise (pub-style) amuse,” with a 5 Barrel Pale Ale. The brewery, which opened on the Front Range in 1989, describes the classic beer as having a lively flavor. It is made by extracting essential oils from selected hops.

Second course starts off on Easy Street with stewed clams (prepared with Easy Street) in chili butter and an Easy Street wheat beer. O’Dell’s classic Easy Street is an unfiltered American-style wheat beer said to have a slight citrus flavor.

To indulge the senses further, patrons will be treated to a red ale-braised pork shank with cheese spaetzle and O’Dell’s seasonal Red Ale. The American-style red incorporates “a variety of aggressive American hops,” for a “fresh hop aroma and flavor.”

Finishing out the evening is a cherry-glazed porter cheesecake, served with a Cutthroat Porter. Another of O’Dell’s classics, the Cutthroat Porter is described as smooth and robust, “not quite a stout but definitely no lightweight.” Flavor hints of chocolate and coffee.

Heck’s Tavern is located at the Devil’s Thumb Ranch overlooking the Ranch Creek Valley on the western edge of the Continental Divide. Overnight lodging is available in the main lodge, which houses Heck’s and the resort’s elegant Ranch House Restaurant. The 5,000-acre property, located on County Road 83, also houses luxury cabins, all with unmatched ridge-top views.

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