Brian Reynolds: Candidate appreciates support |

Brian Reynolds: Candidate appreciates support

To the Editor:

Dear Grand County Voters: From May to August I was involved in the longest, most intriguing and exciting job interview of my life. The job I hoped to win was Grand County assessor representing all of Grand County. I’d like to congratulate Tom Weydert on winning this job interview that we both worked hard on. Good luck Tom.

I want to briefly express my gratitude for all those who put up with me knocking on your door, or calling you on the phone to secure more than 420 signatures to get my name onto the ballot. Thanks for those who changed party affiliation just to support my election. I would also like to thank those who supported me by allowing a sign on your property on my behalf. (I believe I have collected all of them but give me a call if I missed one). Finally, thanks to each and everyone of the 951 people who supported me with their vote.

I would like to thank my wife and son for putting up with the parades and hours of talking about nothing but the election, I love you both. I also appreciate my family and friends who were out there talking to their family and friends with passion and support for me. I truly appreciate it. THANKS!

God bless and thanks to all who voted, regardless of their party affiliation.

Brian Reynolds

Grand Lake

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