Bridge south of Grand Lake opens to drivers on US 34 |

Bridge south of Grand Lake opens to drivers on US 34

The US 34 bridge, located just south of Grand Lake, opened to drivers Wednesday. The bridge has been in the works since April.
Amy Golden /

The new bridge on US 34 south of Grand Lake has opened, through construction speeds remain in place.

Crews have been working to replace the bridge spanning the Colorado River west of Shadow Mountain Lake, roughly 2.5 miles south of Grand Lake. Cars were able to begin driving the new bridge Wednesday.

The project, which began in April, had been slated for completion by the end of October, but heavy snowstorms paused construction last month. A temperate beginning to November may have allowed construction to complete before heavier weather set in.

The speed limit remains 25 mph over the bridge, which measures 47 feet wide and gives additional shoulder space to accommodate bicycles and pedestrians.

Remaining construction includes the demolition of the temporary bridge drivers have used all summer. Some work like landscaping and other items that require warmer weather will be left for the spring.

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