Brooks – Liquor store: Business competition is inevitable |

Brooks – Liquor store: Business competition is inevitable

To the Editor:

I may not be in favor of a new liquor store or restaurant opening at the City Market Center, but I am in favor of allowing businesses to succeed.

I for one am opposed to monopolies such as the local utilities. By restricting what business may open you are creating a quasi-monopoly. I was especially taken aback when a former mayor of Granby tried to restrict tattoo parlors and pawn shops.

In order to survive, businesses need to be smarter, better, faster and, yes, cheaper, especially if we want to compete with the Denver Markets. It can be done.

We all need to tighten our belts and focus on what would make our own businesses better and not worry about what other businesses are doing. Even though I don’t want it, corporate America is coming.

Mike Brooks

Downtown Granby business owner

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