Broome Hut completed, begins accepting reservations |

Broome Hut completed, begins accepting reservations

Reid Tulley
Grand County, CO Colorado
Photo Courtesey of GHA

The Grand Huts Association has completed Broome Hut and is now accepting reservations after two years of work building the hut, located a mile and a half off of the west side of Berthoud Pass at 11,350 feet in the Second Creek Basin.

The Broome Hut replaces the old Second Creek Cabin, which was found to be structurally unsound. The purpose of the hut is to augment backcountry activities on Berthoud Pass and in Grand County.

The project took more than 10 years of planning and development by the Grand Huts Association and was completed with the help of volunteers from Grand County and other communities who donated 5,809 hours. Volunteers received free nights at the hut for every eight hours of work donated.

“We’re so proud that the whole community has rallied around to help create the hut,” said Patrick Gnehm, a Grand Huts Board member.

The hut is made up of a day use side that is open to all from 8 a.m. until an hour before dusk and a paid side being open to users who have placed reservations. So far the hut is getting reserved at a good pace with many of the weekends already booked solid. There is still some availability for the hut, especially during the week.

The paid side of the hut is made up of two bunk rooms with six beds each and two private rooms that each sleep two, bringing the total capacity of the hut to 16. There are no dogs allowed at the hut and rooms are acquired on a first come, first served basis.

There is a kitchen and living areas in the hut and the paid side of the hut has a door that can be shut for extra privacy. Mattresses and pillows are provided; however, visitors are asked to bring their own sleeping bags. Hut users are expected to pack out all trash.

The hut was created to be sustainable and low impact with the use of pellet stoves, solar electricity, and a compostable toilet system designed to convert waste into soil and to operate in cold temperatures.

The builders of the hut also used a substantial amount of beetle-killed wood. The structural beams of the hut, side paneling, and more are made from beetle-killed wood, which gives the hut a beautiful finished look with the blue stained wood.

Most of the materials and supplies used to build the hut were flown in by helicopter with the remaining materials being packed in on the backs of volunteers.

This is the first hut the Grand Huts Association has completed. The group’s goal is to build a system of eco-friendly huts spanning from Berthoud Pass all the way to Grand Lake.

This would consist of nine huts including four existing huts – the Broome Hut, First Creek Hut, High Lonesome Hut, and Twin Creek Hut – and five newly proposed huts.

The Broome Hut is named after the Broome family who made a significant donation to help begin its construction.

Reservations for the Broome Hut and other huts are being accepted for both volunteers and paid reservations by the 10th Mountain Division Hut Association that manages a system of 34 backcountry huts in Colorado. Reservations can be made by visiting their website at or by calling them, 970-925-5775.

GHA is currently looking for new board members . Letters of interest may be sent to You can also look up more information about the Broome Hut, future projects, and the goals and mission of GHA by visiting their website at

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