Bruce Knight: History reveals socialism’s dark past |

Bruce Knight: History reveals socialism’s dark past

To the Editor:

Marina Koepke’s excellent article “Is Socialism a Success?” has touched upon the most destructive and deceitful ideology of the last two centuries. History is rife with examples, a lot of them recent and too close to home.

Socialism has many faces with communism being its most aggressive form and the “democratic” variety being in vogue today. In a nutshell, socialism is the abolition of private property and is the direct opposite of free market capitalism. If you can’t own your business, land car or home, then it’s the government that will be calling the shots for the individual. Without a free market, there is no freedom.

Greece has voted in socialists for years and was the first in the European Union to go belly up. Now, Ireland, Portugal and Spain have joined Greece and are collectively know as P.I.G.S. These countries are economic black holes and have a “Robin Hood” kind of mentality to their politics.

As Margaret Thatcher once said, “Socialism works great until you run out of other people’s money.” It is the economics of redistribution, otherwise known as theft.

In the U.S. Constitution, the People are individuals whose rights are protected above all else. In a socialist society, the People are in a collective mob and the individual can be thrown to the dogs in the name off the common good.

Americans need to understand the nuances between a collectivist society and a society of free individuals. The differences can be subtle and are not taught in our schools. Proponent of this ideology in this country do not call themselves “socialists” as in Europe. They are the intellectual, “progressive,” Fabian types found in our universities, schools and government.

Study up so we can sniff out the socialist rats, or should I say P.I.G.S. Our sacred freedom depends on it.

Bruce Knight

Grand Lake