Grand County real estate from April 23 through April 29 |

Grand County real estate from April 23 through April 29

Real estate sales from April 23 through April 29.

Winter Park Ranch 1st Filing Lot 2, Block 2 – Terrell Family LLC to Shane Duncan, $270,000

Kremmling Country Addition Lot 22, Block 6 – Michell and Benjamin Burdin to Dennis Mengel and Leslie Colella, $199,000

Spruce Ridge Townhomes Unit 18 – Robert and Heather Honey to Timothy and Elizabeth Anderson, $430,600

Winter Glen Final Plat Lot 17 – Melinda Groom and Kimberly Ruger to James and Barbara Roberts, $678,000

Sawmill Station Townhomes Lot 12C – Mary Ellen O’Connor Irrevocable Agreement Trust, Kevin O’Connor to Neil Ryan and Elizabeth Lanik, $507,500

Elk Run Winter Park Sub Flg 3, Lot 62 – Spencer and Barbara Keller to Wynkoop 38 LLC, $162,000

Innsbruck-Val Moritz Sub Lot 22, Block 21 – Stephanie Hammar and William Gray to Benjamin and Jaime Polonowski, $345,000

Silversage Subdivision Lot 1, Block 1 – Duane Sanderson to Mark and Rachel Chamberlain, $380,000

East Mountain Filing 1, Lot 41 – Jason and Vanessa Seiden to James and Christine Larkin, $325,000

Pole Creek Meadows Lot 1, Block 5 – Gray and Shannon McGinnis to Mark and Amy Johnson, $73,000

Sawmill Station Townhomes Unit 10B – Pamalyn Allen to Mary Hamilton, $410,000

Granby Ranch Filing 11, Lot 4 – Stephen and Ania Mikolajewski to RSM LLC, $100,000

Blue Valley Acres Block 5, Lots 3,4 – Robert and Sharon Jorgensen to Timothy Vermeer, $120,000

Trail Creek Estates Lot 32 – Janet McNece to Gregory and Holly Gagas, $398,155

First Valley Addn to Granby Lot 19, Block 4 – Oakwood Custom Homes of CO LLC to Eric Wacker and Nicole Glynn Wacker, $325,000

SEC 33 TWP 1S R 75W Partial Legal – See Document; Dvonch Subdivision Exemption Lots 3,4 – Downtown Winter Park Group LLC to JAC Colorado II LLC, $1,135,871

Snowblaze Bldg B, Condo Unit 34 – Gregory Engler to Scott and Denice Toney, $317,500

Meadow Ridge Lodges Court 20, Unit 14 – Timothy and Wanda Barrett to Neil and Annette Ninnam, $230,000

Shorewood Subdivision Lot 14, Block 6 – Max and Beatrice Herrera to Raymond and Lea Brown, $11,750

Shores of Shadow Mountain FP Lot 16 – Harold and Nancy Hessney to Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO Omar Perez IRA, $235,000

Valentine Subdivision Lot 4 – Leslie and Beth Wood to William and Wendy Robertson, $565,000

Alpine Park Subdivision Block 4, Lots 38,39.48 – William and Patricia McCarthy to Karen Baltzer, $339,000

Elk View Condominiums Units 1,2,3,4,5 – Claude and Sherri Goff to LLK Properties LLC, $730,000

Pole Creek Valley Subdivision Lot 37 – Kelly Nelson to Nathaniel and Yen Adams, $55,000

Elk Creek at Grand Park Filing No 2, Lot 29 – Grand Park Homes LLC to Gordon R Huber Trust and Sharlyn J Huber Trust, $442,315

The Hilltop Lot 4 – Mark and Janet Harrington to Oakwood Custom Homes of CO LLC, $30,000

SEC 30 TWP 3N R 76W Partial Legal – See Document; Kaydare Tracts TRT 13 – Joel and Janette Lunsford to Jennifer and James Chrystal Jr, $805,000

Colorado Anglers Club #1, Block 4, Lots 8,9,11 – RME Holdings LLC to Douglas Termeer and Gregg Adler, $43,500

Granby 3rd Lot 8, Block 4 – Peter Butrymovich and Mary Leone to Zachary and James Ware, $275,000

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