Grand County real estate transactions, April 21-27 |

Grand County real estate transactions, April 21-27

Transactions from April 21 to April 27, 2019

Tonahutu Ridge Grand Lake Lodge Lot 3 – Stephen Benedettini to Stephen M Benedettini Living Trust, $500

Grand Lake Block 2, Lots 9,10 – Robert and Diane Stanek to Jason Robertson Revocable Trust, $600,000

Elk Run Winter Park Sub Flg 2, Lot 16 – Jerry and K Laurine Rowe to Andrew and Valerie Wojcik, $235,000

Skyview at Waterside West Bldg F, Unit F13, Bldg 7; Skyview at Waterside West Bldg F, Bldg 7, Garage Unit F13 – Carl and Jennifer Buice to Benjamin and Lori Yoder, $500,000

Shorewood Division Lot 15, Block 6 – Raymond and Lea Brown to Leslie and Guillermo Gonzalez III, $25,990

Mountainside at SilverCreek C U 106 Timeshare 106548 – Larry and Kathy Brisbois to Mountainside SilverCreek Timeshare Association, $500

Colorado Anglers Club #1, Lot 9, Block 7 – Thomas and Harriet Feniger to GII LLC, $12,379.55

Grandview Villas Phase II Unit 313 – Shelley Richmond to Kelsey and Anne Kinley, $299,000

Grand View Highlands Filing #1, Block 2, Tract E – Natalie Aanerud to Douglas and Stephanie Rutherford, $11,000

Colorado Anglers Club #1, Lot 9, Block 7 – GII LLC to Big D Building, $18,000

Lakota Park Minor Subdivision Lot 63 – PM Winter Park LLC to Jason and Cindy English, $1,228,319.03

Kremmling Lot 11, Block 3 – Brad Bailey and Vicki Hinchcliffe to Michael Cox and Loni Murray, $349,000

Val Moritz Village 2ndFiling Lot 10, Block 5 – OCK LLC 401K Plan, Kevin Pool to Aspen Acres LLC, Bradley and Jayme Moss, $40,000

Granby Ranch Filing 1B, Lot 49 – Jay Thorp and Brian Rindels to Robert and Julie Ogdon, $790,000

Granby Ranch Filing 1, Lot 20 – John and Kathleen DiGirolamo to Andrew Bart Berger Miller, $525,000

Sawmill Station Townhomes Lot 14B – Bennett R Leslie Living Trust and Patricia A Leslie Living Trust to BLJL Family Trust, $610,000 

Fraser – Eastom Block 2, Lots 49,50 – Karl Perlich to Paul and Amy Oldenburg, $370,000

Sunset Ridge Filing #1, Lot 3, Block 1 – Golden Home LLC to KUI Rentals LLC, $440,000

Mountainside at SilverCreek C U 84 Timeshare 084511 – Robin Graney to Mountainside SilverCreek Timeshare Association, $500

Edgewater Resort The Second Administrative Replat of Lot 19 – Mutual of Omaha Loanpro LLC to Dale Williams, $508,066

Wolverine Ridge Condos Unit 4 – Philip and Carolyn Hoskin to Chad and Cari Hoskin, $280,000

Lakeridge Mtn Valley Subdivision Lot 2, Block 6 – Michael Schurer to Jared Sego, $384,000

Rabbit Ears Village Subdivision Lot 77 – William and Elizabeth Peuser, Elizabeth Austin to Joseph and Cynthia Keck, $69,500

Columbine Lake Block 3, Lots 3,4 – Shaun Sinks, Joy Phelan, Robert and Ellen Buras to Charles and Stacy Volk, Sabrina and Christopher Hibner, Philip and Erin Fossen, $495,000

Columbine Lake Addition Lot 5, Block 9 – Attila Koreny to David and Rhonda Franklin, $445,000

Innsbruck-Val Moritz Subdivision Block 16, Lots 11,12 – Lee and Wanda Staab to Willi Born and Rebecca O’Brien, $735,000

Kicking Horse Lodges Unit 8 304, Bldg 8 Saddlehorn – Bret and Tammy Jackson to Sean Meyerhoffer and Nicole Girard, $340,000

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