Byers Canyon shooting range reopens |

Byers Canyon shooting range reopens

HOT SULPHUR SPRINGS-The seasonal closure of the Colorado Division of Wildlife’s Byers Canyon Shooting Range has been lifted and it is now open to the public. The range, located west of Hot Sulphur Springs, is shut down each year after hunting season to protect wintering big game from disturbances and stays closed until they move toward higher ground, which typically occurs in early to mid April.

The free range is very popular with sportsmen and women as it eliminates the long waiting lines and fees typically found at private ranges. Many shooters from as far away as the Denver metro and other distant areas find the longer drive to use the facility worthwhile.

“We welcome everyone to come out and enjoy this great facility, but to do it in a safe and responsible manner,” said Area Wildlife Manager Lyle Sidener. “For everyone’s safety and enjoyment, the public is reminded to follow all posted range rules such as using only paper targets, and cleaning up after yourselves”.

The range is open seven days a week from sunrise to sunset, except during the winter, and includes five centerfire rifle ranges of 25, 100, and 200 yards, one .22 caliber rifle range, one shotgun, and one handgun range. The range also includes straw bales for archery. One rifle range has wheel chair access to the 25 and 100 yard target range.

Shooters are reminded that only paper targets are allowed, with an exception for clay birds for shotgun, and archery targets. Breakable targets are not allowed.

The range has limited supervision however volunteers are typically present to assist shooters and provide some enforcement of range rules. Shooters who violate the range rules or conduct themselves in an unsafe manner can be asked to leave, fined or both.

A portable toilet and a trash dumpster are also located at the range.

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