Byers Peak Ranch developer discusses sewage treatment options with Fraser officials |

Byers Peak Ranch developer discusses sewage treatment options with Fraser officials

Reid Armstrong
Sky-Hi News
Grand County, CO Colorado


With a Nov. 15 Grand County deadline looming, Byers Peak Ranch developer Clark Lipscomb is still hoping to hook up Colorado Adventure Park to a permanent sewer system.

When the county approved the permit for the tubing hill in October 2008, it agreed to allow a temporarily pump and haul setup until Lipscomb could hook up to the Fraser Sanitation District.

But as the first deadline (October 2009) approached, the Fraser Sanitation District opted to table the Adventure Park request to connect to its service because the district was undergoing dissolution.

Given those circumstances, the county granted Lipscomb a one year extension on the sewer requirements.

Now, with that second deadline only months away, Lipscomb came before the Fraser Town Board, July 7, to discuss his options.

Lipscomb signed a pre-annexation agreement with the town May 5, but town expects the process to take more time than Lipscomb has.

Town planner Catherine Trotter spoke in favor of allowing Lipscomb to connect to the town’s sanitation system as an out-of-district customer.

“Do we even want to annex that property when we could get much more if he’s willing to pay double, triple even quadruple the fees as an out-of -district customer?” she asked.

Lipscomb immediately countered that he would not be willing to pay quadruple the fees and that he’d rather just install some type of septic system (Individual Sewage Disposal System or ISDS) to comply with the county’s regulations. He made the same statement last year when he was being pressed by the county.

Town Manager Jeff Durbin argued that the process of connecting the ranch as an out-of-district customer would be just as time consuming and the process would be similar to annexation.

Lipscomb said that annexation still makes the best sense because the property is surrounded on three sides by the town, but he noted that it would be some time before there is any more development on the ranch.

For now, the sewer system is only necessary to serve the Adventure Park base area.

Currently, sewage is being pumped out of the septic tank and hauled away. Last year, Lipscomb said, it only had to be pumped four times, about 10,000 gallons worth.

In some areas of the state, that method of dealing with sewage is the standard, added board member Steve Sumrall.

The board ultimately directed the town manager to write a letter to the county requesting another extension on Lipscomb’s behalf, so long as he continues to make progress with the annexation agreement.

All parties agreed that sewer would be the best way to deal with that site, but if the county won’t grant the extension, Lipscomb will be forced to install the septic system because the town board said it is not prepared to rush the process to get the Adventure Park connected to its sewer system.

“The way we do business isn’t going to work with your time line,” board member Eric Hoyhtya concluded.

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