Byers vote won’t dampen commitment |

Byers vote won’t dampen commitment

To the Editor:

We would like to assure the community of the Fraser Valley that the results of the referendum vote on Nov. 5 that stopped the annexation of Byers Peak Ranch into the Town of Fraser will not dampen Byers Peak Properties’ commitment to the community’s healthy economic growth and vitality.

We strongly believe in the Fraser Valley and remain completely committed to continually seeking ways to support responsible growth with projects that have positive appeal. We welcome efforts that yield solutions that will move us all in the direction that is best for a sustainable Fraser, and remain optimistic that through those efforts we will find ways to benefit all sides resulting in win-win solutions. With this in mind, we eagerly look forward to Fraser’s bright future and hope to remain an integral part in shaping it in a positive way.

Clark Lipscomb


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