Caleb Fisher commends job corps |

Caleb Fisher commends job corps

To the Editor:

I am the son of Jeri Whaley and I wanted to share this information about the Collbran Job Corps Center (CJCC), which teaches nine Vocations (trades): Culinary Arts, Floor Covering, Cisco Networking Academy, Union Carpentry, Facilities Maintenance, Union Painting, Union Welding, Union Cement Masonry, and Office Administration Technology.

I came to the program because I didn’t do well in the local high school in Granby. The Collbran Job Corps Program is for Young Adults ages (16-24) that are disadvantaged. The program is a free training facility. This means that I don’t have to pay a dime to learn how to do my future job.

I have personally been in this program for 1 year and 8 months. When I first arrived I was a typical 16-year-old kid who didn’t want to listen. I soon started to take full advantage of what was offered.

I decided to take culinary arts first. I earned a completion in that trade and the center paid for me to get my ServSafe Managers Certificate. The trade I took next and am almost finished with is the CISCO Networking Academy. I am learning how to build and repair computers. I have turned into a respectable person and can give back to my community.

This program also helps find jobs and does a 12 month follow-up with me after I walk the stage. Speaking of, I will be graduating in February or March 2010.

Caleb Fisher

Former Middle Park High student

Collbran Job Corps

CISCO Networking Academy student

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