Call me "Independent" |

Call me "Independent"

At a recent local parade I was assisting a Democrat, out of plain kindness, in taping banners to sticks to be carried in that parade. When I mentioned that I was an Independent, this individual was quick to say, “oh, you mean Progressive” before spouting all the values that should make me believe I was really a Democrat. At this same event another fellow Independent related a similar story about being relabeld a Progressive. Then in a recent article by Ms. Muftic, ‘Progressives’ were lectured to, called middle-of-the-roaders and then directly told they needed to get over what the Democrats hadn’t achieved.

Is it a growing trend by Liberals, a.k.a. Democrats, to change another groups’ desired ‘label’ affiliation away from Independent? Do Democrats consider it more politically correct to be a Progressive than an Independent? Is this some sort of psycological manipulation for the Democrats’ own purposes? By calling me Progressive do they think my assumed weak-mindedness will allow them to convince me I’m really one of them with the logical result of supporting their opinions and candidates? What makes them think I’m necessarily “progressive” about anything? Then, by labeling me a “middle-of-the-roader” are they attempting to make me feel guilty about my “independence” so that I will take their stand…because I’m sure they’re not suggesting I become a tatooed Republican? Why does this group have such an issue with my “independence”? Is it that I’m another possible manipulated voice, a vote, to follow tatooed Democrats around fervently, waving banners about how good the Democratic candidates and ideals are without as much as a momentary thought? Or, is it that I might be a threat to their victories by voting in the opposing candidates?

I’m proud of my Independent label. I prefer to identify my ‘Independence’ with the freedom at any moment to choose where I want to stand and whom I wish to support. I can vote for Democratic or Republican candidates as I choose and when I choose without the implied Party coercion. I may miss out on the thrill and granduer of primary elections but I do so as a conscious choice and prefer to vote for candidates who have ‘performed’, not just those who’ve filled the airwaves with touching speeches and have a like tatoo.

I am an “Independent.”

R. Bartholomew

Grand Lake