CD release: Father’s words of wisdom inspiration for Mann’s latest album |

CD release: Father’s words of wisdom inspiration for Mann’s latest album

by Cyndi McCoy
Sky-Hi Daily News
Grand Lake, Colorado

When Peggy Mann was a little girl, her father told her that God gave her a special gift.

“He said the gift was given to me so I could share my love of the Lord in a musical way,” she said.

Little did Mann know that her father’s words would become so significant to her as an adult. After “a year of inspiration,” her faith has taken her music in a new direction and she excited to announce the release of a new representative album, “Grace Notes.”

The singer/songwriter and guitarist has been creating music since the late 1970s, with lyrics that entail positive images about everyday life and things “that get into your heart.” Her Americana style has captured Grand County and regional audiences for more than two decades. Also known for her great stage presence, she presents two live shows this weekend to introduce the new CD.

Mann received much of the inspiration for the new work after earning runner-up honors at the 34th Annual Gospel Music Awards. To her surprise the competition fired up her faith and broadened her musical horizons. She came away from the competition, her first-ever appearance at the GMA, with renewed inspiration and has been a “writin’ crazy fool” since.

She learned a lot about herself throughout the GMA and said it has “deepened” her walk with God. It confirmed what she wanted to do with herself and that he “is blessing my work. … (God has) given me the words, he’s given me the music.”

Through “Grace Notes,” her passionate songs and melodies shine through 14 new songs. The list includes “Daddy I Wish You Could See Me Now”, which honors her father’s belief in God and her music.

This weekend’s concerts will be backed up by the Peggy Mann Band: Larry Bacon (bass), Steve Cormey (guitar/banjo), Ken Lund (percussion), Mickey Sandora (electric guitar), Trish Leone (backup vocals), Mike and Patrick Weadick (drums and keyboard), and Johnny Neill (violins). Tickets for Saturday’s show are available at the Grand Lake Art Gallery, and at the door for Sunday’s performance (specially geared toward families and local churches).

With enough material for “at least one more album,” Mann said, “who knows what the future will bring?” She has never felt better in her life and feels like she has “so much to share.” Along those lines she is also opening Mann-Made Studio to help other artists.

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