CDOT only plans one road project in Grand County this summer |

CDOT only plans one road project in Grand County this summer

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Colorado Department of Transportation projects in Grand County this summer amount to one Highway 125 resurfacing and only the slim possibility of road safety improvements on Highway 40 at the intersection of CR 53 to Snow Mountain Ranch, YMCA of the Rockies.

The CR53 intersection improvements are on a C-list of CDOT projects in line for stimulus recovery money. The $2.5 million project of realigning the intersection and adding acceleration and deceleration lanes to improve Highway 40 safety was already included in the state’s transportation improvement program, but without available funding, was on hold until 2012, according to CDOT Region 3 spokesperson Nancy Shanks.

Although there are a long list of regional projects ahead of the Highway 40 improvements, the project could bump up in position if A- and B-listed projects fall off for any reason, Shanks said, or if more funding comes available to Colorado from other states.

Meanwhile, the Highway 125 resurfacing ” a non Recovery Act project ” extends from Windy Gap Reservoir north to mile marker 14.

The resurfacing plus chip and seal is a $2.97 million highway improvement that will take place from June through to mid-August this coming summer.

The Highway 125 project began last summer with CDOT removing 600 lodgepole pine trees along the roadway.

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