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Census: Grand County grew by almost 20 percent during decade

Tonya Bina

The 2010 U.S. Census numbers show Grand County’s population at 14,843, up 19.3 percent from a population of 12,442 people in 2000.

That made Grand County the 13th fastest-growing county out of Colorado’s 64 counties, according to an analysis by the Rocky Mountain Investigative News Network compiled for the Denver Post.

The data released on Feb. 24 is the first glimpse at population counts for all Colorado areas, including race, voting age and housing unit data.

Of Grand County’s total population, 11,825 residents are 18 years and older.

Town counts

By town, the Census numbers show one-fourth of the county population living in the Kremmling area versus the eastern end of the county.

The town of Granby shows the highest population of all towns in the county, with 1,864 citizens, seconded by Kremmling with 1,444 citizens, followed by Fraser with 1,224 citizens. Winter Park is the next most-populated town with 999 residents, Hot Sulphur Springs is next with 663 citizens, and Grand Lake has 471 people claiming principle residency.

Unincorporated Parshall and Tabernash show 47 and 417 residents respectively.

Out of Grand County’s total 16,061 housing units, 60 percent are “vacant,” reflecting a large second-home population, according to Census data.

From 2000 to 2010, Grand County’s housing inventory increased by 5,167 units. Of the total number of units in 2000, 53 percent were deemed vacant.

Winter Park has the highest ratio of empty housing units, with a total of 2,572 houses, condominiums and apartments counted. Out of those, 2,091 are vacant, or deemed second-home units.

In Grand Lake, out of the 918 housing units inventoried, 679 are vacant.

Fraser and Granby show an even split between vacant and occupied housing, and Kremmling and Hot Sulphur show the largest ratio of occupied housing. Kremmling has 694 total housing units, with 614 of them occupied, and Hot Sulphur Springs has 309 housing units, with 253 of them occupied.


Although 93.5 percent of Grand County’s residents are white, Grand County’s diversity increased during the past 10 years. The number of county residents identifying themselves as other than white increased by nearly 60 percent.

The greatest change was in the Hispanic/Latino population, which doubled to 1,116 residents. The county’s small black population stayed nearly the same, while the Asian population increased and the American Indian population decreased.

Other counties

Data from the 2010 Census has been released to the governor and legislature to aid them in redrawing the boundaries of the congressional and state legislative districts. Census numbers also can help determine how governments allocate services to constituents.

The Colorado county with the largest population is El Paso, with a population of 622,263. The other counties in the top five include Denver, 600,158; Arapahoe, 572,003; Jefferson, 534,543; and Adams, 442,603.

Douglas County, with a 2010 population of 285,465, is deemed the fastest growing county in the state, with a 62.41 percent increase during the past decade.

Grand County neighbor Routt County’s growth paced similar to Grand’s, increasing by 19.4 percent in the past decade. Routt’s 2010 population is at 23,509.

Meanwhile, Jackson county lost residents, showing a decrease by 11.6 percent, now at 1,394 residents. Summit County, with a 2010 population of 27,994, increased by 18.88 percent; Clear Creek, with a 9,088 population, increased by 2.51 percent.

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