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‘Central View’ may be conservative, but at least it’s well-researched

To the Editor:

A few days ago one of your readers, Ms. Linda Willing, complained rather strongly that William Hamilton’s column “Central View” was by no means a centrist’s view but rather a far right conservative opinion that was embarrassing to all concerned, or words to that effect.

I know and have worked with Linda Willing and I like her. She is a nice lady. But she is way off base with her recent remarks.

It is true that Hamilton often takes a conservative view. More importantly he explains and justifies it thoroughly. He researches well and documents his articles with validation and proof of what he writes. But to be more specific, Hamilton is no farther to the right in his views than Ms. Muftic, also a columnist for your paper, is to the left in her views.

In fact, Muftic has shown little in the way of good research and documentation to validate any of her writings. Like most progressive liberal thinkers and writers she offers up ideas, concepts and describes them in platitudes of hope and possibilities; much like someone else with whom we are all quite familiar.

Personally, I find this a little hard to understand in that Ms. Muftic and I graduated from the same university (Northwestern), majored in the same department and probably had many of the same professors. Apparently we neither absorbed nor assimilated our educational opportunities in the same way.

More briefly stated, William Hamilton is the best contributing writer in your paper and the only one who even comes close to a central position. Your publication certainly needs him if for no other reason than to balance the other political information that you publish nearly every day (Muftic’s in particular). In fact, I think I just read a recent letter in your paper from a reader who said much the same thing. A balance is necessary, unless of course all you are really interested in doing is to espouse the normal liberal press leanings to the American public.

William R. Westlake, PhD