Charges chosen for EGSD District Accountability Committee |

Charges chosen for EGSD District Accountability Committee

Jessica Smith

On Tuesday, Sept. 18, the East Grand School District Board of Education decided on three charges for the 2012-13 District Accountability Committee.

The committee, which will have its first meeting on Oct. 9, will be made up of community members, school staff, and students. Anyone interested may join. Its purpose is to serve as a research and advisory committee for the Board of Education.

“The Board identifies charges as an area that we could use some help with, and community input to understand what the community would want,” said superintendent Nancy Karas.

The three charges identified by the Board were Student Educational Program Review for the 21st Century, Senate Bill 191 Educator/Administrator Effectiveness Evaluation Tool, and District Goals and Improvement Planning.

The Student Educational Program Review is a discussion of schools’ overall criteria, and what type of programming should be implemented. For example, deciding what role technology should play in the classroom.

Senate Bill 191 is a new law that is going into effect in the next school year. All districts must decide whether to adopt the state’s Educator Evaluation system, or to develop their own that would be equal to or better than the State format.

“It’s about a community deciding how they’ll evaluate their teachers and what standards they want to hold their teachers to,” said Karas.

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