Chiropractor sets up practice in Grand Lake |

Chiropractor sets up practice in Grand Lake

Cyndi McCoy
Grand County, Colorado

A new doctor in Grand Lake is hoping to help people discover how to get the most out of their mind and body.

Dr. Beau Ellis, who opened a practice in Grand Lake on Feb. 23, specializes in chiropractic care. He is offering wellness services at the new business for now, with plans to develop the offerings down the line (once he is licensed in Colorado).

“I share the secrets to turning on your own inborn power to heal, to get well and to stay well,” he said. In other words, he said he helps clients get the most out of their mind and body ” all naturally.

With the differences between wellness care and disease care so vast, he just hopes people “can appreciate the difference between helping someone get well versus less sick.” Rather than evaluating disease, he will be evaluating levels of wellness, Ellis said.

Once he’s fully licensed in Colorado, the full process will take patients step-by-step through an initial evaluation to determine the best course(s) of action. To begin, several tests are administered: chiropractic, orthopedic, neurological, physical, and laboratory.

Then Ellis shares things not widely known that one can do to even out imbalances that are discovered. Many of these have to do with something simple: the air we breathe, beds we sleep in, cookware we use, and drinking water, he said. Three others, regarding thoughts, nutrition and movement, are a main focus for now.

A graduate from Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas, in 1997, he earned a subspecialty to his chiropractic license (a certification in electrodiagnostics studies) in 2006. He described the study as similar to a pre-med program, with additional years geared toward anatomy, physiology, pathology, orthopedics, neurology, pediatrics, geriatrics, gynecology, pharmacology/toxicology, nutrition, exercise, physiotherapy, chiropractic, laboratory, and other diagnostic studies.

As a “Parker grad,” Ellis learned nine different chiropractic techniques, adding that most colleges only require one (diversified). Currently he says he knows 13, seven soft tissue and six massage techniques.

Ellis had been thinking about moving to Colorado before he graduated in 1997. After school he took a much-needed break, visiting family in Minnesota, and set up a health and wellness clinic. He, his wife, and their three children moved to Grand County in February. “I like what Grand Lake has to offer,” he said of the small mountain town.

Because he is licensed in California, he awaits Colorado licensing so he may diagnose and treat as well. Ellis is also studying to be a neurologist, eventually wanting to earn a doctorate in clinical neuropsychology. He said he enjoys learning and that if he had his way he would “continue studying for the rest of my life.”

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