Chrivia died while intoxicated |

Chrivia died while intoxicated

Tonya Bina
Grand Lake, CO Colorado

The Aurora man who died from a motor home fire at the T Lazy W RV Park near Grand Lake in mid-March was intoxicated at the time, according to Grand County Coroner Brenda Bock.

Ronald Chrivia, 49, had driven his motor home into the RV park on an un-plowed roadway, and when the motor home became stuck, Chrivia had over-revved the motor to such an extreme, rubber flew off the rear tires, the drive shaft broke, and at some point the transmission or the engine started on fire, investigators had concluded.

Since then, results of a toxicology study showed Chrivia had a blood alcohol level of .287 at the time, Bock said. The coroner concluded Chrivia officially died of “severe thermal injury,” but “had he not been so intoxicated, he may have gotten out in time,” she surmised.

The legal limit of alcohol consumption is .08.

The fire destroyed the inside and the entire front half of the motor home. Emergency responders found Chrivia’s body just outside of the motor home when they arrived that day.

The toxicology study explains Chrivia’s state of mind at the time, and perhaps why he couldn’t get out in time, something that had perplexed authorities during the investigation.