Chuck Huston: Here’s to shopping with a conscience |

Chuck Huston: Here’s to shopping with a conscience

To the Editor:

Dear Santa / Shopkeeper: I’ve come to you for goods and services to satisfy my wants, but equally or more importantly, I want to preserve the world for those who would live here.

What I’m looking for as a consumer is: Organic materials because someone needs to clean things up a bit, minimal or no packaging, and quality things that last, not disposable expendability. I want to buy American products, employing Americans to make them. I want to have pride in the workmanship of my friends and neighbors that now have jobs. We’ll rebuild the manufacturing base of this country while no one is looking.

I want things produced with a conscience, and ethics. I would like to transport things the shortest distance possible, creating less waste and less reliance on fossil fuels, thereby sending less money to the countries that want to harm me with acts of terrorism. I will pay more money for the pleasure of shopping with you rather than sitting at a desk and shopping online even though these are hard times. I will consider this an investment in my community.

If you are a factory worker in China, please take an extra day off each week and spend it with your family: We can do with a few less products over here in the USA.

Happy Holidays.

Chuck Huston

An American shopper, Winter Park

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