Co-work space opens in Fraser business hub |

Co-work space opens in Fraser business hub

Patrick Brower
Grand Initiative

In my work with entrepreneurs across Grand County I sometimes find that good ideas are just waiting for an enterprising business person to make them happen.

That’s just what took place this spring with one of our clients, Rick Holden of Holden’s Hard Drive in Fraser. He saw a need for a co-working space in the Valley and he acted upon his perception of that need, all helping along Fraser’s goal to become a business hub for the east end of Grand County.

He worked with his existing team, spent money to make is idea a reality and, well, there it is: Fraser has a new co-working space that can work as a sort-of business incubator and convenient part-time home for local business people who work from home or for people visiting the valley.

Many times people ask me about the value and need for a business incubator in Grand County. Unless an incubator is in a large city and heavily subsidized by the government, they struggle. But when such an “incubator” is smaller, operated as a private business and not pretending to be a catch-all resource for larger businesses, they do work.

Rick Holden of Holden’s Computers is opening a new Fraser co-working site next to his computer repair and electronics store in the Fraser Valley Shopping Center in Fraser.

“This will be a perfect spot for the person who needs a space to work for a few hours a day, is starting a business and can’t afford a full-on office with utilities, has a poor internet connection at home, or who just needs a space to work away from home and be around like-minded people,” Holden says.

To start, the newly remodeled space will have seven floating desks available. Each desk location will offer excellent internet, printing to a top-quality color laser jet printer and a quiet atmosphere. Fraser Workspace will also offer additional amenities like coffee, water, a refrigerator, and microwave.

“This will be a business hub that won’t be a full-on incubator because we won’t be offering reception or phone-answering services,” Holden says. “In these days of cell phones and remote access, reception services aren’t in high demand.”

Holden, who has operated his computer services business for eleven years in the Fraser Valley, says he can see that there are many types of people here who would need this sort of a shared business space. Lone rangers who operate location neutral businesses could have a need for it. One of the many vacationing business travelers may have a demand for a space like what Holden is offering.

“The space will also offer an opportunity for business people to meet with clients in a more professional setting,” Holden says.

“There are so many people who are remote workers,” Holden says. “And a person can spend only so much time isolated in a condo or a house looking at the same four walls. This offers an opportunity to gain a sense of community while having top-notch services available.”

Holden plans to offer the space on an hourly, weekly or monthly rental plan. He will also offer the opportunity for rental time at shorter intervals for people who need excellent internet service and/or impeccable printing.

For more information, call Rick at 970-424-1588.

Patrick Brower is the Enterprise Facilitator for the Grand Enterprise Initiative. He provides free and confidential business management coaching for anyone who wants to start or expand a business in Grand County. He can be reached at 970-531-0632 or at

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