Colorado budget adds $9.4 million to open new prison unit |

Colorado budget adds $9.4 million to open new prison unit

DENVER (AP) – State senators are preparing to vote on some big spending cuts this week, including a $130 million reduction for public schools.

But spending will still increase in some areas within the overall $18.2 billion budget.

The budget adds $9.4 million to open a solitary confinement unit at a new branch of the Colorado State Penitentiary. The state delayed plans to open the prison last year because of the recession but lawmakers say it’s too dangerous to keep housing high-risk prisoners in private prisons.

The number of inmates overall has decreased. That savings is being used to open more than 300 beds at the penitentiary.

State senators are set to start voting on the budget on Thursday following budget briefings. It’s already been approved by the House.

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