Colorado Democrats don’t deserve to be re-elected |

Colorado Democrats don’t deserve to be re-elected

To the Editor:

Members of Colorado’s Democratic Party delegation to the U.S. Congress want to be re-elected this November. Let’s look at their record:

– They voted to block renewal of the most recent tax cuts while in a slowing economy. This will bring a big tax increase for all taxpayers, especially among those who actually create jobs.

– They sought a timetable for troop withdrawal from Iraq that would have allowed all the elements we’ve fought so hard to eliminate to move back into control.

– They voted to take away the secret ballot requirement for union representation elections, which would have left businesses and their employees at the mercy of organized thugs.

– They blocked the Columbia Free Trade Agreement, which would help our trade balance, and by doing so they double-crossed our struggling ally and undermined our credibility in the entire world.

– They prevented serious consideration of vital Social Security reform.

– They blocked energy resource development, (nuclear, drilling, refineries) leading to today’s gas price fiasco.

– They voted to continue the wasteful pork barrel spending by way of “earmarks” tacked onto legislation without a vote.

– They blocked letting the people vote on an amendment to keep the sacrament of marriage between a man and a woman.

– They overrode the president’s veto of a wasteful farm bill that gave huge, unneeded subsidies to multibillion-dollar agribusinesses who rewarded them with thousands of dollars in political contributions.

That’s their record, and Rep. Mark Udall even thinks he should be promoted to the Senate. It’s no wonder their approval ratings are in the teens.

Time to throw the rascals out.

Al Olson

Grand Lake

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