Colorado landscape holds scars of BLM greed |

Colorado landscape holds scars of BLM greed

I sent this letter to Sally Wisely, state director of the BLM.

“This letter is to formally lodge a protest of the upcoming (November 8, 2007) Oil and Gas Lease Sale for parcels located in Grand County, Colorado. The parcels in question consist of the 22 units COC71641 through COC71662, inclusive, and which amount to 30,998.03 acres.

“This proposed sale is a total sham. You are letting a bunch of folks who could care less about anything but another buck run loose. The price of oil and gas these days makes something this stupid economical ” but it doesn’t make in any less stupid.

“The “oilandgassers” could care less about our community and its pristine beauty. Talk to the folks in Meeker who got had by this bunch in the 1980’s. They are still trying to dig themselves out. The bunch that made the mess is long gone ” with their money.

“You have had no pubic disclosure of this sale. There have been no hearings. Your EA is an antique. Everything about this sale stinks of foul politics. Lease it quick before we get somebody in charge who gives a damn about the earth or even knows where it is.

“I recently drove from Craig, north to Interstate 80. I have never seen anything so sad and disgusting – a lace of bulldozed roads and row upon row of wells over every once beautiful grassland hilltop. The place looks like the devils cornfield. Untold destruction for the sake of a few years gas supply and big money in the pockets of people already too rich to know what a dollar is. Lord deliver Grand County from your greed.

“You should be ashamed. I am, and I’m helpless in the face of this juggernaut. I pay you to keep things like this from happening. That is why they call it public land and put public servants in charge of protecting it. This is not your land, it is our land. How low will we go?”

David L. Maddox


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