Colorado lawmakers: Lobbyist didn’t break rules |

Colorado lawmakers: Lobbyist didn’t break rules

DENVER (AP) – Legislative leaders said Monday they don’t believe a lobbyist accused of threatening a lawmaker violated rules of conduct. However, they issued a rebuke over concerns that the lobbyist, Nate Gorman, accused two lawmakers of lying during the investigation.

Rep. Wes McKinley says Gorman shook his fist and “threatened to cut out my lying tongue” during an alleged confrontation over McKinley’s bill. Gorman denies that it happened.

Only threats intended to influence votes violate the rules. Since McKinley and Gorman hadn’t been getting along, lawmakers concluded there was no chance that the alleged threat would have swayed McKinley.

Gorman called the dispute a distraction and says he just wants to get back to lobbying.

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