Colorado lawmakers vote to repeal tax on soda pop |

Colorado lawmakers vote to repeal tax on soda pop

The Associated Press

Highlights from the Colorado Legislature on Wednesday:

– House Republicans sided with the soft drink industry on two measures related to soda pop. One House committee voted to repeal a 2.9 percent sales tax on soda, while another committee rejected a Democratic proposal to add a 5-cent deposit on glass and plastic bottles.

– Lawmakers started combing through detailed numbers by the U.S. Census sent to the state. Lawmakers will use the numbers to redraw congressional and state legislative districts.

– City officials from the Colorado Municipal League heard from top lawmakers in both parties and Gov. John Hickenlooper. As expected, city officers complained about the state’s skimming of drilling and mining tax revenue that would otherwise go to local governments. State officials said the “transfers” are necessary to avoid wider teacher layoffs and other statewide cuts.

– House Speaker Frank McNulty learned the consequences of being a little too enthusiastic with the legislative gavel. McNulty joked Wednesday that he was “gavel-happy” after mistakenly breaking his wooden gavel during a debate.

– The House approved a bill clarifying the duties of lieutenant governors to allow them to hold that office while also serving as head of another department (House Bill 1155).

– Silver hairs were more common than usual in the halls of the Capitol. Dozens attended this year’s “Senior Day at the Capitol,” in which older voters lobby lawmakers.

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