Colorado students struggle more with math |

Colorado students struggle more with math

DENVER (AP) – Statewide test scores released Tuesday show that Colorado students are struggling more with math than writing for the first time in at least five years.

Results from the 2010 Colorado Student Assessment Program also show that large gaps remain in some subjects between poor and affluent students, minorities and white students and boys and girls.

Statewide writing scores fell to 53 percent proficiency statewide from 55 percent in 2009 among all grades combined.

“Writing is hard for anybody,” said Lisa Jones, principal of Paris Elementary in Aurora. “Most kids struggle. We haven’t focused on that. Reading and math have been the focus.”

Other scores stayed the same, including science at about 47 percent statewide and reading at 68 percent for the third straight year.

Students from third to 10th grade take the tests every year, a requirement under the federal No Child Left Behind law and its goal of getting all students proficient at reading and mathematics by 2014.

The gap between girls and boys in reading continued to widen, with girls scoring as much as 10 points better than boys in some grades. Girls increased the gap in eight of 10 grades. Gaps in writing remained in double digits in all grades but the third.

Boys had a slight edge in math.

Black and Hispanic students slightly narrowed the large gaps with white and Asian students in reading and writing. Poor students generally closed the difference with more affluent students in most grades in reading and math but showed little change in writing.

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