Colorado/Wyoming Post Offices making mail route delivery changes in both states to save on costs |

Colorado/Wyoming Post Offices making mail route delivery changes in both states to save on costs

Post Offices in Colorado and Wyoming, and nationwide, are now re-adjusting letter carrier mail routes to help save on costs and efficiency. More than 2,500 city letter carrier and rural letter carrier mail routes in Colorado and Wyoming at more than 150 Post Offices are being adjusted.

Faced with declining mail volume and revenue due to the poor economy, along with rising fuel, health benefits obligations and other higher costs, the Postal Service is facing a $6 billion or more operating budget deficit this year. The route adjustments will help the Postal Service save considerably.

The Postal Service’s national mail volume declined by 9.5 billion pieces or 4.5 percent this past fiscal 2008 year, mainly due to the struggling national economy. For the first quarter of this year, national mail volume declined by 10 percent with the same mail volume decline in Colorado and Wyoming.

“The Postal Service needs to be highly efficient and to save on costs nationwide. These route changes will save USPS millions of dollars while still allowing us to maintain regular six-days a week mail delivery and service,” says Selwyn Epperson, Colorado/Wyoming U.S. Postal Service District Manager.

Some of the mail route delivery changes have already gone into effect, or the changes will go into effect within the next few months. The changes affect city and rural letter carrier routes at mostly larger Post Offices in both states. Some of the many larger city Post Offices undergoing route changes include Denver, Colorado Springs, Arvada, Aurora, Boulder, Englewood, Fort Collins, Golden, Grand Junction, Greeley, Littleton, Longmont, Loveland, Pueblo, Westminster and others in Colorado; in addition to Cheyenne, Casper, Laramie, Rock Springs and other offices in Wyoming.

Postal customers will continue to receive regular mail delivery six days per week, but your mail may be delivered at a different time of the day, or by possibly a different letter carrier.

“Post Offices and letter carriers will be delivering to the same geographic area, but we are consolidating and re-arranging some of the routes,” added Epperson. “We expect to see savings in fuel costs, vehicle maintenance, work hours, budget and efficiency with these changes. We will also help the environment, and help keep U.S. postage rates among the lowest in the world without using taxes.

“While we will try to minimize any customer inconvenience, it is inevitable that some customers and addresses will have their mail delivered at a different time than what they are used to. But our letter carriers, as always, will try to deliver your mail as early as possible.” For those who need early mail delivery, many Post Offices offer Post Office Boxes for rent at very low rates.

“Our Post Offices, dedicated letter carriers and postal employees will continue to give our Colorado and Wyoming postal customers the best mail service we can,” added USPS District Manager Epperson. “We appreciate our customers’ great support.”

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