Column about moonlight skiing in Grand County sparked warm memories |

Column about moonlight skiing in Grand County sparked warm memories

To the Editor:

I like to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading Autumn’s (Phillips) column about the full moon outing .That and seeing the recent moonlit snow brought so many familiar memories of some of my moonlit outings.

Most of mine were during the summers while hanging out in my front yard by the Blue River in Silverthorne. I used to love to sit on the deck and drink hot cocoa and gaze at the rushing river as it flowed like shimmering liquid silver. I would admire then the broad leaf cottonwood trees silhouetted in the moonlight.

Then I would take a walk into the edge of the forest where all the pine and aspen trees seem as if they were alive, like it was their time to be vibrant. Many times I would offer praise and adoration into the night in song and dance. The world was hushed and creation was “talking,” which you can feel more so when mankind is asleep.

It was then, when critters were about, such as foxes, porcupine, skunks, rabbits, and sometimes a deer. Or perhaps a neighborhood cat that would show up to be part a the walking experience. Many times the forest felt enchanted, peaceful in a odd way , rather than scary.

The moon’s reflection dancing upon waters of Lake Dillon seem so mystical. While living in Dillon on the lake shore, I use to take walks along the shoreline while gazing at the rippling waters sloshing on the sand. Looking outward toward the moon, I could see a trail of diamonds sparkled upon the inky black waters. And in the distance the Ten Mile Range stood proud as if guarding the lake … I would whisper prayers to God how grand his creation is.

The recent moonlit snow where everything is frosty and bright, makes you think that the mountains and forests are sighing as if they are waiting … not sure but you can feel it. Sometimes if you’re out and about, you can come across a herd of elk, like not too long ago, in field grazing. Or perhaps you can hear the song of coyotes and the yips of foxes. All of these are special moments too, like a hushabye lullaby from God.

Thank you , Autumn ,so much for sharing your special moment with us.

Gloria Montgomery


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