Columnist attributes false motives to those opposing stimulus legislation |

Columnist attributes false motives to those opposing stimulus legislation

To the Editor:

Ms. Muftic’s column “So what if Rush turns out to be right?” is short on facts and long on opinion. To be specific:

Rush didn’t say ‘I hope Obama fails- period.’ He said that he believes Obama’s plan for the U.S. is to minimize capitalism and promote socialism, and he hoped Obama failed in that. It is disingenuous to exclude the context of Rush’s comment. Most Americans would probably agree with the statement if it were shown in full context.

The Republicans did not vote against the so-called stimulus package because they a) didn’t want a stimulus package or b) wanted a stimulus package that only included tax cuts as Ms Muftic suggests. They voted against it because they wanted a real stimulus package instead of a social program. Yes, they wanted tax cuts. But they also wanted to fund infrastructure projects like Obama originally proposed. But Obama’s package (or was it Pelosi’s?) ballooned from that to a welfare program including things like extended Medicaid payments for the states, bailout money for near-bankrupt states that have demonstrated no fiscal discipline, extended COBRA payments, and extended unemployment benefits, to name a few. These items will not stimulate anything.

Republicans also wanted to include moneys to assist homeowners at risk of foreclosure, but that wasn’t included ” a separate $75 billion package was passed later to address that.

The point is that Republicans voted against the bill because it was a bad stimulus bill, and it’s wrong for Ms. Muftic to imply they only voted against it because they want to see Obama fail. Several states have recognized how bad this bill is and are planning to refuse some of the federal funds. They are not grandstanding. Rather, they have realized, for example, that to spend additional Medicaid funds, they would have to add new Medicaid patients; but what happens after two years when the federal funds are gone? They realize they will be forced to self-fund those additional Medicaid patients (can’t just kick them out), but they won’t have the funds to pay for it. Again, it is a bad stimulus bill.

I suggest Ms. Muftic subscribe to and read a factual news source like the Wall Street Journal so she has some real data to base her opinions on, and stop relying on distorted sound bites she gets from MSNBC, NBC News, or who-knows-where.

Dick Kohler

Winter Park

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