Community outpouring for accident victim was heartwarming |

Community outpouring for accident victim was heartwarming

To the Editor:

I would sincerely like to thank so many people for their acts of kindness, concern, prayers, shoulders, and hugs that they lent us over the last few days.

Due to the severe driving conditions on Thursday March 26, our daughter Melissa experienced the worst ride of her life. Thank God, she was able to walk away with only a cut on her knee.

In addition, thanks to Tarish Cessna for being Melissa’s guardian angel, calling 911, helping her out of the car, giving her a jacket for warmth, and staying with her until other help arrived. Thanks to Jim Carland and his daughter Ashley for stopping to help and comfort, to fire Chief Tony Tucker for being there, to Rob Griffey and Wesley Cross from the EMS who so wonderfully checked Melissa at the scene. To the other people helping direct traffic and helping at the scene, forgive me for not mentioning your names, but you were of a great assistance and I thank you.

Thank you to West Grand High School faculty for watching over Melissa that day at school, as you helped to keep her mind busy and comforted her, as well as myself. To the custodians Cynthia and Phil who were so concerned about her welfare, thank you.

Thanks to Theresa McElroy for keeping Melissa’s mom comforted by checking on Melissa throughout the day.

As Melissa and I were keeping warm at the scene, we were surprised at the speed news travels. It seems that so many of her friends showed their love and support via txt msgs., and by trying to call so shortly after the accident. For not immediately answering we apologize; we were still in a bit of shock, but we love you all for caring.

I am sorry if I neglected to mention anyone in particular who helped, or showed care and concern; I will not be able to thank you all enough.

It has been a true Blessing the outcome of that day, so many things to be thankful for, and so many people.

Once again, I would like to say, “Thank God, and thank you. May he keep you all safe.”

The Krakers


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