Get ready and nimble for golf season

A hip hinge trains the gluteus maximus/hamstrings/nose to toes core.

The golf swing is a complex movement pattern which includes the set up or address, backswing, downswing, impact and follow-through. Therefore, movement patterns which strengthen the specific muscles being addressed during each phase of the swing (i.e. gluteals/hip adductors/rectus abdominis/latissimus dorsi/obliques/quadriceps/pectorals/hamstrings/rotator cuff) and correct improper movement mechanics where possible, are absolutes for inclusion in your preparation program.

Therefore, internal/external hip rotation exercises/movement patterns as well as torso-focused movement patterns which work in conjunction with the hip joint, are the focus of the following muscular strength/mobility training exercises (i.e. there are dozens possible). As always, prior to beginning any exercise program or sport/activity, please consult your physician.

Perform 1-3 sets of 8-12 repetitions of each of the following exercises in sequence on 2/3 non-consecutive days/week. Shoulders packed down/back, rib cage lifted, navel pulled toward the spine, pelvic floor pulled up and inward and shoulders/hips/knees/toes all facing the same direction.

Low-to-High Wood Chop

-Place the cable/pulley at the lowest setting on the column, place the pin at a light weight on the stack and place a handle into the carabineer. Standing facing 90 degrees from the column holding the handle in both hands with the arms straight across the body. Arms are completely straight throughout, pull the handle as you internally rotate the inside hip and allow that foot to pivot as the hip internally rotates lifting the arms up on a diagonal line from low to high, straight line of pull. Then, as you bring the arms back down toward the anchor point, allow the outside hip to internally rotate and allow that foot to pivot with the hip. This is a smooth, fluid movement pattern and the hips must move. Then, perform on the opposite side. *Compound exercise – trains nose to toes.

Hip Hinge

-1, heavy kettlebell – stand next a vertical/stable support holding on if necessary with the inside hand and face 90 degrees from the support. Hold the kettlebell in the outside hand. The inside leg is your stationary, working side, maintain a slight flexion at the knee joint throughout. The outside leg will move; however, not independently. The action is the hip hinge, so the leg “comes along for the ride”. Hinging from the hips, keeping the torso completely rigid with no rounding of the spine, bring the torso forward from the hip joint (aim for torso parallel to the floor) then drive through the heel of the inside foot and stand completely erect. Repeat on the opposite side. *Trains the gluteus maximus/hamstrings/nose to toes core.


-Place the pin at a moderate/heavy weight on the stack, then place the cable/pulley at a chest height setting on the column and place an EZ curl bar into the carabineer. Standing, facing the anchor point, holding the curve of the bar, place the lower body into a long stride staggered, front to back, lunge position. Arms fully extended at the elbow joint at chest height, palms facing the ground. The legs should be approximately shoulder distance apart, right to left, back heel elevated. Engaging the trapezius (middle back) as you engage the quadriceps (front of thigh), lower the body into a lunge as you pull the arms back into a wide row. Then, return to the beginning position. *Compound exercise – trains the quadriceps/hamstrings/glutes/traps/deltoids/biceps and nose to toes core.

Jackie Wright is the owner/manager of Mountain Life Fitness, LLC located in Granby. She may be reached at her website at or email at

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