Grand County real estate transactions, April 14-20 |

Grand County real estate transactions, April 14-20

Transactions from April 14-20, 2019.

Bridgers Cache Sub Lot 17 – Campbell Family Properties LLC to Roger Chivukula, $2,500,000

Mesa Tracts Lot 8 Partial Legal – See Document – Brett McNary to Kathleen and Joseph Jameson IV, $310,000

Pole Creek Meadows Lot 1, Block 4 – Thomas L Pope Jr Revocable Trust to Schuyler and Susan Foulkes, $1,080,000

Winter Park Highlands Unit 1, Lot 39A – E Cress Carter to Richard Smit, $675,000

Hi Country Haus Bldg 19, Unit 4 – William and Kathleen Davis to William W Davis Revocable Trust, $500

Shadow Park West Condo Phase V, Unit 13D – Gilcrest Family Revocable Trust Agreement to Joey and Valerie Busch, $225,000

Elk Creek at Grand Park Filing No 3, Lot 18 – Grand Park Homes LLC to William and Karen Nasuti, $617,615

East Mountain Filing 9, Lot 13; East Mountain Filing 9, Unit 13G – Jeremiah Horne and Lisa Pesnichak to Matthew and Amanda Greenberg, $581,000

East Mountain Filing 7, Lot 107 – Reese Zomar to Joshua and Carlee Steck, $690,000

Grand West Sub Amended Final Plat Lot 13 – Robert and Madeline Naill to SLH Homes LLC, INI Homes LLC, $35,000

Frontier Investment Company Addition to Kremmling Block 26, Lots 15,16,17; Frontier Investment Company Addition to Kremmling Block 26, Lot 14 Partial Legal – See Document – Bryan Baxter to Jason and Brittany Williams, $259,000

Byers Bungalows Condominiums Unit B, Garage Unit 1 – Kathleen and Joseph Jameson IV to Christian Whetsell and Leah Matamales, $332,000

East Mountain Filing 2, Lot 18 – Susan and Schuyler Foulkes to Gary Watkins, $950,000

Winter Park Highlands Unit 4, Lots 31,32 – Scott Deming and Amy Hudson to Mark and Michon Schmidt, $539,765

Pole Creek Timbers Subdivision Lot 9 – RD Pfeiffer Ventures LLC to John Wisneski Revocable Living Trust and Janice Ariyasu Revocable Living Trust, $170,000

Innsbruck-Val Moritz Sub Lot 48, Block 21 – Hunters Living Trust to Christian Scelfo and Tatiana Tur, $38,000

Kicking Horse Lodges Unit 204, Bldg 7 Palamino – Robert and Angela Zimmerer to Phyllis Woodson, Toby Woodson, Wilbur Woodson Jr and Shelley C Woodson Banker, $310,000

Iron Horse Building C, Condo Unit 3013 – AJ Steinke Properties LLC to Benjamin Zwerling and Marina Torbeck, $220,000

Columbine Lake Lot 3, Block 9 – Roy and Norma Kugler to Waterwood Properties LLC, $325,000

Hi Country Haus Bldg 7, Unit 7 – Ruth Weaver to Ryan Mutschelknaus and Justin Kadrmas, $324,000

Silverado I Condo Unit 304, Bldg A – Richard and Joy Smith to James Lundin and Allison Piluso, $330,000

Cabin Village Lot 13 – Cindy Frith to Eric and Rebecca Guthrie, $180,000

SEC 8 TWP 1N R 80W Partial Legal – See Document – Joe Shelton to Kevin and Christina Warren, $50,000

Copper Creek Lot 3 – James Etler to Fernando and Emeterio Miramontes, $90,000

Mountainside at SilverCreek B U 52 Timeshare 052139 – Stark Family Trust to Sportsmans Lawn LLC, $500

Mountainside at SilverCreek B U 22 Timeshare 022112; Mountainside at SilverCreek B U 6 Timeshare 006117 – Uday Poonamallee to Mountainside SilverCreek Timeshare Association, $500

Ptarmigan Park Townhouses Unit B, Bldg 1 – Kennan and Meredith Reinert, Julio and Rebecca Jimenez, Henry R Reinert Family Trust to Gina Rollins, $365,500

Beaver Village Flg #2, Bldg 5, Unit 103 – Seth and Cathy Lukes to David and Colleen Schuller, $357,000

Beaver Glen Subdivision Exemption TRT 3 – Thomas and Dorothy Hill to Richard and Dee Mullinex, $220,000

Elk Creek at Grand Park Filing No 3, Lot 20 – Grand Park Homes LLC to Lance Gutersohn, $642,269

Innsbruck-Val Moritz Sub Lot 25, Block 12 – Daniel Machiniak to Daniel and Naomi Flanagan, Glenn and Michelle Colton, $31,000

Iron Horse Building C, Condo Unit 3113 – Iron Horse Vacation Rentals LLC to Timothy and Natasia Maxwell, $385,000

Granby 2ndLots 9,10; Granby 2ndLot 11 Partial Legal – See Document – Decicco Enterprises LLC to James Posever and Lida Sumner $300,000Legacy Park Ranch Lot 100 – David and Marian Johnson to 4N Ranch LLC, $959,000

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