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Pole Creek Ladies golf results

Sky-Hi News Staff report

The Pole Creek Ladies golf league enjoyed a hot, windy day on July 18 for a “Pick Your Pro” tournament.

Before the round, the ladies picked their favorite pro from a list of men playing in the British Open. After the end of their round, the ladies’ net scores were combined with their pros’ gross scores from the second day of play for the total.

The winners were: 1. Julie Richards (66) and Dustin Johnson (67) 133. 2. Betty Williams (67) and Brooks Koepka (69), 136; 3. Andrea Singleton (73) and Rory Mcllory (65), 138. 4. (tie) Susan Odneal and (74) Rory Mcllory (65), 139; 4. (tie) Deb Kohlwey (70) Brooks Koepka (69), 139; 5. (tie) Lori Myers (71) and Brooks Koepka (69), 140; 5. (tie) Cindy Moynahan (71) and Brooks Koepka (69), 140.

Lori Myers had the fewest putts with 28. Janet Conneely, Jeanne Nicoulin, Diane Bishop and Cindy Moynahan all shared the chip in pot.

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