Compromise needed in Indian Peaks financial request |

Compromise needed in Indian Peaks financial request

On Monday afternoon, the East Grand Board of Education will meet with the board of the Indian Peaks Charter School to discuss the fate of a $400,000 request by the school for a new facility.

At Tuesday night’s board meeting, Indian Peaks brought its request to the school board for $400,000 of the estimated $700,000 in bond premium money expected to be earned by the district after the sale of $18.25 million in bonds later this month.

Indian Peaks Charter School was not included in the school district’s ballot request for school improvement funding in the Nov. 6 election. But there had been an understanding between the school board and Indian Peaks that the school would return to the table after the bond passed, seeking the use of bond premium money, according to Indian Peaks representatives at Tuesday night’s meeting.

If you have ever visited the campus of Indian Peaks, you know that it is in dire need of physical improvement.

The school currently serves 40 students, grades one through eight.

The students spend their days in two cramped modular buildings, one of which does not have indoor plumbing, and they eat their lunches in a tent-turned-cafeteria.

While the school makes the most of what it has, the children deserve more.

However, we believe the best solution for this school is a compromise from its original request.

On Tuesday night, Indian Peaks board president Tim Koepke explained that the school would like to purchase a 1-acre lot in the Pole Creek Valley subdivision in Tabernash (at a cost of $220,000) and relocate the two modulars to that lot. The remaining money would be used to build a concrete foundation and a structure that would unite the two modulars.

The school sits on land in Granby owned by the East Grand School District.

While we see every reason that the school should be granted money to build a permanent structure, we do not see the need to move the school to Tabernash. Granby is more centrally located to the entire school district and transportation is already set up to take students from around the East Grand School District to Granby.

On Monday, we believe the East Grand School District should give Indian Peaks Charter School the money to build a better structure for their school. The $220,000 that would have been used for an acre of land, could be used for improvements to the Indian Peaks facility.

Get the children out of the wind and the cold. The current situation is a not a positive, physical environment for those students.

But the school district does not need to acquire more land. Indian Peaks made this land request on assumptions that its enrollment will increase if it is in a central location between Granby and Fraser/Winter Park.

If Indian Peaks is truly filling an educational niche, which we believe it is, its location should not matter.