Contrast between Granby Fire Station, charter school ‘devastating’ |

Contrast between Granby Fire Station, charter school ‘devastating’

To the Editor:

I live and own a business (Earth Enchanted Gallery) in Hot Sulphur Springs, and my children attend school in Granby at Indian Peaks Charter School (a public school) just 10 miles away.

I was heartbroken to learn of the story of the (Granby) fire station. My children’s school was torn down several years ago due to asbestos. The school was replaced with modulars.

This is still the building my children attend PUBLIC school in. They do not have a gym, lunch room, or library. My children must eat lunch outside in a tent on the windiest hill in the town of Granby. If the older two need to use the restroom they must go out into the snow to the other modular where the restroom is located.

Forget uniforms; they live most of the school year in ski clothes just to survive their school day. While the wonderful education my children are receiving at this school is worth this suffering, it is heartbreaking to a mother of three who knows her little ones are cold and go without at school. How devastating to think that this fire station is so elaborate while my children don’t have a real schoolhouse. Maybe they should allow our school to use this building until my children have a real building to attend PUBLIC school. Maybe they can sell a few of their luxuries to help pay for a real school building.

Aren’t our children worth more?

Please add more to this story. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make it known that our school does not even have a real building while our $4 million dollar fire station sits for the volunteers. This is devastating.

Angeline Medina

Hot Sulphur Springs