Conversation with Lori Myers … Winter Park’s newest Planning Commission member |

Conversation with Lori Myers … Winter Park’s newest Planning Commission member

Katie LoobySky-Hi Daily News

Long-time Winter Park resident Lori Myers was recently chosen for a seat on the Planning Commission Board. After her husband, Jim Myers, was named mayor of Winter Park, he gave up his spot on the board because the Town Charter prohibits the mayor from serving on both boards.Myers, 52, is a physical therapist and owner/director of Alpine Physical Therapy & Wellness Center, PC in Fraser and Granby since 1982 .The Lake City, Minn., native has resided in Winter Park for 28 years. She has two daughters, Lindsey, a recent graduate of CU-Colorado Springs, and Kelsi, a sophomore at University of San Diego.Why did you want to join the planning commission?It sounds clich, but I have made Winter Park my home for more of my life than anywhere else, so it is about time to give back to the community and help shape the continued progress of the town.Did your husbands, Mayor Jim Myers, long-term service on Winter Park Board Trustees play a part in why you wanted to serve?Yes, from the standpoint that my awareness has been heightened by his participation for over two decades that it takes a lot of volunteer involvement to shape Winter Park into the community we want it to be. With a small population, so much has been accomplished and its important that the work be distributed amongst as many of us as possible. What are your goals as a member?Encourage responsible growth. Continue with the progress and beautification of our community. Make sure that we as locals remain in control of our communitys future as much as possible.Do you have any previous board experience?Fraser Creative Learning Center Board; Grand County Rural Health Network; Allied Health Professionals; Alpine Timbers Home Owners Association and Architectural Design Committee.What other activities or programs are you involved in the community?I have volunteered annually with the 9Health Fair in both Fraser and Granby since its inception. I have also volunteered in the school system helping some of the Spanish-speaking children.What are your favorite things about living in Grand County?I love many outdoor activities and that I can indulge in nature right out my door. I also like the close proximity to Denver when I want a city fix.What do you think about the Winter Park community?We should be proud of the progress that has been made in making our community more beautiful and active year-round. We have so many more events and activities to draw visitors to our community. It used to be that the town emptied out after ski season and there were very few reasons for people to stay. Jobs in the off-season from April to November were hard to come by. The town was very basic without the infrastructure of services, sidewalks, curb, gutter, and much more. The addition of beautiful flower gardens and trees along Highway 40, parks, lights, banners, paved driveways and parking lots rather than mud and dust, etc. have made it a much more inviting place to visit esthetically. The events throughout the year have become an incredible draw for visitors and residents. What are some of your interests?My quest in fluency with Spanish and meeting with our Spanish group weekly at the Roastery. I love to travel, speak with the people, and learn more about different cultures and countries. Watching college volleyball and my daughters and their friends play volleyball over the past 12 years. With my background in physical therapy, Feldenkrais, and having been a former ski instructor, it makes watching sports even more fun in understanding the game, skill development, and injury prevention. What do you like to do for recreation or fun?Lots of things walking with my dog and friends, getting out in nature, and outdoor sports are some of my favorites.Do you have any plans this summer?Spend time with our daughters while they are home and get out to hike, bike, and play some tennis and golf.Attend our Annual Feldenkrais Convention, which fortuitously is in Boulder this year. Oh, and probably carry some logs and drag some slash after Jim cuts the beetle kill trees my favorite job.