Convicted until proven Innocent in Grand County |

Convicted until proven Innocent in Grand County

To the Editor:

If you are thinking of investing money in Grand County you should read this. Make sure that after you invest in Grand County, you do not upset anyone who has the power or position to take you down. 

I have retired here and cannot sell and move out and was very happy with Grand County until this year when I started working at Foran-Schoenfeld Mortuary. My boss Darin Foran is a caring and compassionate person and I love working for him. Darin was arrested and charged with 11 felony counts in January, at which time the investigators promptly went down to the Sky-Hi Daily News to have it published; back in January before the investigation had been completed and the discovery given to Darin’s lawyer. Darin’s lawyer Michael Meyrick made the statement for Darin that the supposed victims’ money was safe and sound and that they could have it all back, plus the interest it had accrued. And with a more thorough investigation by Grand County would find that the prosecutor did not have any grounds for the charges being made and that further investigation would prove Meyrick right.       

So, where there is smoke, there must be fire? On the streets of Grand County, people would call Darin names and spit in his face. People asked me how could I work for a crook like that, “who stole the poor elderly burial money.”  Business dropped off and Darin had to get another job to keep the doors open, but one that would still leave him free to respond when called out on a death (which isn’t often now) and free to do burial services when requested. No one wanted to do business with the likes of him and besides, he may be in jail any day now and who would take care of their loved one?

All the money was there, safe and sound in a bank drawing interest for the day they would need it for burial. These are called Pre-Need Accounts. All of these Pre-Need Accounts had been setup by Dave Schoenfeld prior to Darin buying the Mortuary. Their money and their wishes/information for how they wanted to be taken care of after death was all there, waiting for them. This assured them that no matter how much the cost of burial had increased over the years or what it cost them to finish out their life in a nursing home, they would still get the type of burial they wanted. 

When the court date finally rolled around five months later and it looked like everything was going to be dismissed, someone called Channel 7 to have them at the courthouse that day. The court date was pushed out and Channel 7 was asked not to record anything in court. Channel 7 got the name of one of the alleged victims and aired the show with the charges that the Foran-Schoenfeld Mortuary had taken her burial money and she no longer could be buried.  This again caused outrage amongst the natives of Grand County and the spitting and name-calling started again for Darin.

I have worked with Darin this year and watched how much he has put into this community and how much he loves the people here. The care and quality of service that he gives to the families and their loved one who passed on is very endearing. He goes beyond caring for the people he services and demands the best for them when they don’t have the ability to demand it themselves.

I want to thank the Sky-Hi Daily News for keeping track of the court outcome. It is nice to know that we have a paper in Grand County that will follow up and publish the news for the people of Grand County and to keep us updated with the facts.

Carol Schartz

Grand Lake

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