County outlines strategic priorities, goals for next five years |

County outlines strategic priorities, goals for next five years

Grand County’s recently approved strategic plan, titled “Grand Results,” outlines the county’s priorities for the next three to five years, developed with input from the other elected officials throughout Middle Park as well as leadership of the various incorporated towns and county departments.

The four primary strategic priorities for the county under Grand Results are managing growth, infrastructure, health care accessibility and organizational effectiveness. Each of the four primary strategic priorities has specifically designated strategic results as defined by the commissioners.

The county’s first strategic priority, managing growth, includes five separate result categories including county roads, alternative transportation, congestion, affordable housing and broadband.

By 2020, the county hopes to have 100 percent of targeted roadways maintained at or above county road standards and by 2023 hopes to have 100 percent of paved county roads maintained at or above county paved road standards. By 2020 the county also hopes to provide a published report that evaluates alternative transportation options to access the valley.

In the congestion category the county has set a goal of reducing congestion and travel times along U.S. Highway 40 in accordance with population growth projects for the next 10 years. Under affordable housing the county states they plan to, by Dec. 31, 2018, work collaboratively with municipalities to “establish and meet goals to address affordable and attainable housing for our residents.”

The goal of providing access to acceptable internet service to 90 percent of county residents by 2022 has also been set as a strategic result.

The county’s second strategic priority, infrastructure, includes four specific strategic results county officials hope to see accomplished and relate to a public safety facility, customer service facilities, a health and human services facility and waste disposal and recycling.

By 2021, the county hopes to create a new public safety facility, which would include a jail. By 2023, the county hopes to update Road & Bridge and Emergency Management Service facilities based upon an assessment that county officials hope to see completed no later than 2020. By 2023, the county hopes to consolidate multiple health and human services as well as related services into a single facility.

Finally, by 2029, the county plans to provide residents with a better understanding of the “opportunities of the alternatives” as it relates to environmental management of proper waste disposal and recycling by assessing cost-effective alternatives.

The strategic priority of health care accessibility contains a single strategic result in the county’s new strategic plan: health care accessibility and affordability. To that end, by September 2018, county officials state they will measure and publish an annual report on health care costs and the services available to county residents. Additionally by September, county officials said they will identify and publicly report specific areas the county board can effectively engage with the Colorado Insurance Commission, the governor, the state legislature and other elected officials.

The final strategic priority, organizational effectiveness, contains four separate strategic results including roles and responsibilities, performance reports, budget and employee performance.

Under roles and responsibilities, the strategic plan states that by June 1, 2018 the roles and responsibilities of the county commissioners, county manager and county attorney will be clearly articulated and understood throughout the organization.

By 2019, the county plans to provide performance reports on a regular basis to county residents that will show the progress of the implementation of the county strategic plan. Under the budget result category, the county states that by 2021, 100 percent of Grand County’s department budgets will be tied to results for customers. Finally, under employee performance the county hopes that by 2021 100 percent of the county’s employee performance plans and appraisals will be aligned to operational and strategic results.

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