Coyote may have snatched Grand Lake dachshund |

Coyote may have snatched Grand Lake dachshund

Tonya Bina
Grand County, Colorado

Long-haired dachshund Rocky disappeared late Thursday night the week before last, and owners Doris and Egon Braun of Grand Lake suspect coyotes.

The 13-pound dog in his golden years was just out of sight behind a snow drift upon being let out to do his business, his owners said.

When called, their other dachshund Rambo returned, but Rocky did not.

From examining tracks in the snow, the Brauns say they’re pretty certain a coyote got to Rocky.

“We hear them every night,” Doris said, adding she’s heard of several people in town having spotted the clever canids during the twilight hours.

“They’d never been that close to the house; they must be really hungry,” she said.

It’s not out of the question for a coyote to prey on domestic animals, according to DOW officer Kirk Oldham.

“They’re opportunistic, if they see prey ” dogs, cats, domestic pets ” they’ll definitely prey on them,” he said.

Coyotes, known for their cunning, typically follow small wild mammals, like cottontails, but they are also known to group hunt and take down larger animals such as deer.

They’re usually more active during winter months. Their breeding season is from January to March.

Outside of this suspected incident, the DOW hasn’t recorded many problems with coyotes in Grand Lake, according to Oldham. “Coyotes around here don’t tend to be habituated,” Oldham said.

Even so, residents should be aware of their presence ” especially pet owners.

Some may be finding convenient food sources closer to town, like garbage, or food left available to wildlife.

“The important thing is for people not to be feeding them,” Oldham said.

“You don’t think of it all the time,” Doris said, missing her 13-year companion, “and you should think more of it.”

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