Cyndi McCoy: In a pinch |

Cyndi McCoy: In a pinch

Cyndi McCoyA Face in the Crowd

Last Thursday night was sic. The things I discovered at the Buffalo Rose in Golden were great, and somewhat disgusting.I was one of many who carpooled down with several friends in support of musician Jed Henry and his new band The Bailouts! Apparently the venue said theyd host Henry, with a band. So in three weeks the usual solo artist gathered together Mike Michaelis, Uncle Jesse Perotin and Jeremy Emal, and the local quartet practiced like banshees.It was an important evening because not only was it their first official show, it was their first live recording. If Henry could get 100 people to come down, the Buffalo Rose said theyd throw in the recording for free. I found out Saturday he was a little shy of the goal, but that they threw in the freebie anyway. What a great idea and I suggest anyone else to check it out (Henry says it is available through the venue Web site). For those of us who went and signed up, our free CD Henry promised us is currently being finalized and should be ready this weekend.So that was the great part. It was a live lobster tank in the main bar that I found a little creepy, even somewhat offensive. For one thing, I hate live lobster tanks. If I thought its occupants wouldve survived in Clear Creek, I wouldve spent all my money and freed them all. But then again, I dont like lobster.But thats not all. It is one of those claw/toy games called the Lobster Zone. Ive got to admit being one to search out new things in the market that spin intrigued me. The sign even said the establishment would cook those that were won. Sure, if you like lobster, it may be worth $15-$40 that someone would spend. But what if its past 9 p.m., when the kitchen is closed? I didnt want to imagine the hypotheticals, all most definitely unfortunate for the prizes.When youre out and about ask the Grand Theatre Company if its true they might not be closing after all, check out this summers Blues from the Top lineup on the Grand County Blues Societys Web site, and ask Peter Baldo at Rise & Shine what some of his ideas for April specials are.Go for it now. The future is promised to no one. – Dr. Wayne Dyer. To change one’s life: Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly. No exceptions. – American philosopher William James.

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