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DA candidate had nothing to do with negative article

To the Editor:

It has come to my attention that several people in Grand County believe I contributed to a negative campaign in the form of a newspaper article that occurred against my opponent. That allegation is completely untrue.

A negative article was written by the editor of the Steamboat Local (in Steamboat Springs). I refused to comment for the story, and clearly stated to him that I would not be involved in a negative campaign. I have never commented on the issue of the article during this campaign.

I do not have any control over the free press of the United States. Ms. Oldham and I met early in the campaign and “shook” on both running a clean campaign. I have been true to my word. Candidates have no control over independent ads, or publicity brought by outside interests, as we have all seen throughout this campaign at every level of candidacy. It is unfortunate to have votes affected by misinformation.

Tammy Stewart

District attorney candidate