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David Maddox: How about these fear-inducing government programs?

To the Editor:

I recently received an email with the postscript: “I Love My Country It’s the government I’m afraid of.”

This person wasn’t from Central Africa – they have no government. This person wasn’t from North Korea where they have real government – just no Bill of Rights or freedom of thought. This person wasn’t from Afghanistan where government is possession of a rifle. Not anyplace like those – this person lived in the United States of America. So I thought of some of the fear-inducing aspects of “the government” – be afraid, be very afraid:

• Interstate highways

• Managed national forests

• A stable monetary system so we can afford ourselves and prosper

• Girls and boys both being educated

• National parks

• Elections and representatives with peaceful transitions; of the people, by the people, for the people

• National monuments

• A justice system based on law to provide a predictable and peaceful environment

• Wilderness areas

• A Constitution with a Bill of Rights – should we choose to protect it. (If you want to worship your god or throw a tea party to advocate overthrowing the government, have at it – it’s your right.)

• National recreation areas

• A Department of Defense (Not to be confused with the Department of Offense, a scary and expensive political entity which fosters fear and starts wars for their incredible ability to make one’s friends very rich)

• Managed public rangelands

• Safe airports

• Finally, a health care system with hopes of pulling us out of Third World status with respect to health care – (For example, our infant mortality rate has been much higher than countries with all inclusive health care.)

• Emergency response

• Forefathers with foresight and parents with fortitude

I could go on- the list is long, but why bother – just be afraid.

For my part, I love my country because of my government. It’s not perfect; but I like mine best.

David Maddox


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