Deb M. Gahan: Thanks to all ‘Neighbors Helping Neighbors’ |

Deb M. Gahan: Thanks to all ‘Neighbors Helping Neighbors’

To the Editor:

The need is great. We asked Grand County to participate and you did.

Thank you seems such a small word to express the appreciation that the entire team feels for the way residents answered the call to help. I am humbled and in awe of the outpouring of generosity and giving of time, talent and treasures to help hungry neighbors around us.

I grew up in a small town in Mississippi. We didn’t have a lot of things but we had a lot of good neighbors and we shared a love and common bond of the five F’s – friendships, family, football, faith and food. I never wanted to leave the South and all that Southern hospitality.

And then I moved to Colorado and fell in love with the people and the beauty all around. It’s no wonder we live in a county called GRAND. The people are grand and genuine and caring. Where else does it take twice as long to grocery shop or pick up your mail at the post office because of so many neighbors to catch up with?

People who remember your name. People who ask how your day is and really stop to listen. What a breath of fresh air in this fast-paced, crazy, me, me, me world. People who choose to unite on those things that really matter and leave the rest behind. Things like neighbors helping neighbors.

This is evidenced all the time but especially during the preparations and execution of the 2nd annual “fun raiser” for TCP Food Bank and Angels Outreach NEIGHBORS HELPING NEIGHBORS. It would take this entire newspaper to name each and everyone who contributed to the success of this event. You know who you are – pat yourselves on the back. Well done.

Our target was $30,000. But 4,000 hits to the website, 62 online bids, 150 plus in attendance, and 500 silent and live auction items bid on later – all donated by Grand County neighbors – $50,000 was raised. Now we can feed/help another 1,000 during the tough shoulder season and long winter.

THANK YOU and God bless you all.

Deb M. Gahan

Grand Lake

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